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Everyone deserves to be Healthy and Happy at work.

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Carl is a professional speaker who talks about his PTSD and his S.L.A.P. technique, a Wellness Coaching system. He is known for delivering humour, energy and personal stories from his police career. Described as professional, personable, adaptable, and current. His talks focus on helping individuals overcome adversity, wellness and personal growth.
Stability, Listening, Adjustment, and Patience.
Carl’s presentations are engaging and aim to provide practical strategies for personal development and overall well-being.

Carl Jones – Motivational Speaker


A motivational Speaker, a champion for mental health during change. Qualified and experienced delivering The S.L.A.P. Technique.

Speaker Training.

I have been speaking since 2015 and know a few things. I can help take the fear out of public speaking.

I Write.

A published author. I love to write. A new book is on the way.

My Story

Hi I am Carl and I deliver my SLAP technique, a Wellness Coaching system, where my listeners gain knowledge of how to help someone.
Wellbeing is not a game and definitely not a tick box exercise, leaders really need to understand how to spot the signs and then be able to support employees.
How do you know who is going home at night and drinking all night as they cannot cope with work pressure. How do you know who has an eating disorder. How do you know someone is truly struggling? And if you do know how are you going to tackle it?
Prevention is far better than a cure and as Covid has made Mental Health reactive and not proactive, it is now costing businesses and organisations staff, time and money.
I have got to tell you my story of survival. Of when I turned up at work every shift in uniform, no one knew what I was going through, with only a smile masking the true me, I went out everyday to help others. No one seemed to care, right from the beginning after the trauma, the development of the situation and then the diagnosis of PTSD.
Using my experience, I can guide people how to prevent others from suffering.
I am going to help you understand what you can do to support, help and retain valuable staff.
Everyone Deserves to be Healthy and Happy at work.

Carl Jones –
Motivational Speaker

What others say.

Carl’s knowledge and passion around the subject of PTSD is second to none, and his expert manner of presenting his SLAP talk left our audience feeling awe-inspired, emotional and motivated to make a change in their community around the attitudes towards PTSD sufferers.  We received fantastic feedback from our audience regarding Carl’s talk and can’t wait to work with him again soon. If you are looking for an expert on PTSD and personal mental health experience, the whole team at Ajuda Events would highly recommend Carl.

Dawn Evans

Dawn Evans

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Our SLAP technique is specifically designed to turn stressed-out and difficult teams into high-performing and resilient units.