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Only when we feel supported, do we speak about the Trauma.

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They say that the human psyche can handle 4 traumatic experiences in a lifetime, but what about all the others?

Learn about my SLAP technique, how to help a Trauma sufferer.

Carl Jones – Expert Speaker

I Speak.

An expert Speaker, a champion on mental health. A Qualified and experienced Speaker, delivering the SLAP technique…

I Coach.

With years of speaking experience. I take the fear out of public speaking…

I Write.

I am a published author. I love to write. A new book is on its way ‘1554’…

My Story

Before I became an expert speaker, I considered myself to have been very lucky as I had lived my life.
Becoming a Police Officer in 2000, I survived years of being on the streets, being single crewed and was only able to use my wit to get by. That in itself was an achievement but I got seriously hurt.
I thought I had seen it all. The funny, the weird, the crazy and the outright scary. I became immune and complacent to the threat. I thought it was never going to happen to me as I knew better.
Then with eleven years service, something happened.
Without any warning I faced a gunman. It was when I thought I was just dealing with a Domestic Dispute. Even after being shot at six times, I just did my job. Ignoring my thoughts, thinking they would not bring me down, but they did.
It was not over, even after the suspect went to prison, I had to deal with the odd fact that I was still alive. People could not cope with my odd moods and personality changes.
I ignored the obvious signs. A few years later, I suffered big time, all because of my ignorance of the signs. The onset of PTSD was to ruin my entire life.
This was the start of the most challenging part of my life.
When I needed them, I did not expected the withdrawal of support from my organisation, one that I was willing to give my life for.
Being kicked when I was down was hard but then my personal life imploded. I had to find a way to survive…
Carl Jones – PTSD Keynote Speaker

Carl’s knowledge and passion around the subject of PTSD is second to none, and his expert manner of presenting his SLAP talk left our audience feeling awe-inspired, emotional and motivated to make a change in their community around the attitudes towards PTSD sufferers.  We received fantastic feedback from our audience regarding Carl’s talk and can’t wait to work with him again soon. If you are looking for an expert on PTSD and personal mental health experience, the whole team at Ajuda Events would highly recommend Carl.

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Dawn Evans

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