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Stress and PTSD.

We need to support and speak about Work/Life Balance in the Blue Light Services.

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They Say That The Human Psyche Can Handle 4 Traumatic Experiences In A Lifetime.

I Speak.

As a Qualified and experienced Speaker…

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With years of speaking behind me, I teach what people want to know and how to do it the right way…

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My Story

I now consider myself very lucky. I never did. I have lived my life.
I became a Police Officer and I survived 19 years on the streets. This in itself is an achievement.
I have seen it all. The funny, the weird, the crazy and the scary. I became complacent, it was never going to happen to me.
Then it did. After 11 years, I faced a gunman, in what I thought was a straight forward Domestic Dispute. If being shot at 6 times was not enough for me to cope with. At the time I believed it was all over, I then had to deal with still being alive. The people around me could not cope with my moods and trauma.
Three years later I suffered the fallout of it all, the onset of PTSD.
It was the start of the most challenging journey of my life. Faced with the withdraw of support from an organisation I had been willing to give my life for, they then decided to discipline me for being ill. Being kicked when I was down, I had to find a way to survive…

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Telling It The Right Way.