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Emergency Services.
Stress and PTSD.

We need to support and speak about Work/Life Balance in the Blue Light Services.

I’m Here To Help.
Telling It The Right Way.

They Say That The Human Psyche Can Handle 4 Traumatic Experiences In A Lifetime.

I Speak.

As a Qualified and experienced Speaker…

I Coach.

With years of speaking behind me, I teach what people want to know and how to do it the right way…

I Write.

As a published author, I love to write. A new book is on its way…

My Story

I consider myself lucky. I have lived my life.
I Became a cop and I survived 19 years on the streets, in itself this is an achievement.
I have seen it all. The funny, the weird, the crazy and the scary. I was complacent, it would never happen to me.
Then after 11 years, I faced a wired gunman. If being shot at 6 times was not enough to cope with, thinking it was all over, I then had some very real issues to sort.
Three years later I suffered the fallout of it all, PTSD.
It was the start of the most challenging journey of my life. No support, disciplined by the organisation I loved, kicked when I was down, I had to find a way to survive…

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Telling It The Right Way.