About Carl

About Carl Jones Speaker

A Brief History

fifteen fifty four

Oct 2000

Joined Wiltshire Police. He wanted to make a difference, to help people and to have a worthwhile career

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Jan 2011

During a routine Domestic dispute call, without warning he was shot at 6 times.


Attended Number 10 Downing Street. Received a National Bravery award.

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By chance was sent to an incident 2 doors down from the gun incident. Some ‘thing’ inside came loose.

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Moved from the front line and became a Detective. Attended an Armed Robbery and that ‘thing’ got worse.

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Medically retired from the Police. Diagnosed PTSD, Anxiety and Depression (with a tendency for alcohol abuse). Lost everything I held dear in my life.

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Need to rebuild, to find a new ‘worthy’ focus.


Developed S.L.A.P. Technique Wellness Coaching programme

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Future now looking very positive.

Carl has been able to tell his story.

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