Speaker Coach

As an experienced speaker, I have always believed in bettering my abilities. I have invested my own money and time in learning and development. It can take years to become a proficient and competent speaker but it doesn’t need to be. With the right guidance and input, people can advance their abilities quicker and easier than they thought was possible.

Education and training is not only for beginners. Wedding speeches, running business meetings, trainers and performances are a few examples of why people want and need to be better speakers. Most people are not willing to invest years in training and need a ‘quick fix’. Without practice and continual speaking challenges, people will become rusty.

Speaking is an Art. Some are naturally talented, others need to work at it. Good presentation techniques are a life long skill, which can always be improved. With the right training and mentoring, people can surpass their expectations.

Doing an online course will take your speaking and presenting skills to the next level.

This E-Learning package is a great place to start. With two individual assessments and a final quiz, it will boost your knowledge of speaking and your confidence.

Want more attention, assessments, practice and interaction?

This two day Speaker training retreat is what you need. Held in a hotel, using office suites, with constant assessments and feedback throughout, it will make you a better speaker.

Are you needing dedicated attention for an event that cannot wait?

One to one sessions will provide a uniquely tailored training package. Focused on all aspects of your presentation and speaker skills. Continual training, with assessments will get your speaking to the best it can be.

(Online and in person)

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