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PTSD Keynote Speaker – SLAP Technique

I suffer from PTSD. I was forced to take medical retirement, which meant I lost my career and my job. As a retired Police Detective, I still want to help others so I now deliver my PTSD Keynote talks.

Since 2014, I had found that mental health and especially Traumatic based illnesses are not openly discussed, probably because it is a very sensitive subject. There are few keynote speakers covering this subject.

In 2015 I wrote my first book, called the Caveman Principles. It is a light hearted book, looking at what causes daily stress. The support and feedback I recieved from this book prompted me to start speaking about the more delicate part of the subject, Trauma based illness.

As a sufferer, I have a very different perspective to those that take the professional angle. Over the last year I have been hard at work, developing and practicing my new Keynote speech. Now it has all the impact that I want it to have.

Most people ask what my talk is about, the short answer;

Explaining the impact of traumas on the psyche, using an interactive and engaging display that relates to everyday living. As well as helping people understand how trauma is created, I deliver my ‘SLAP‘ technique that is fun and memorable. SLAP allows people to take away helpful and simple advice, so that they can support others.

Mental health is on the rise. It impacts business and individuals alike. Most do not know where to start, they need somone who has waded through all the rubbish, has got to the roots of the matter and worked it out.

What I have discovered, i deliver in my talks and that is, everyone needs a good S.L.A.P.

Carl Jones, PTSD Keynote Speaker – 1554.

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