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1 in 6.8 people is experiencing mental health problems in the workplace

Women in full-time employment are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men (19.8% vs 10.9%)

Evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions

Mental Health Statistics, Mental Health at work (SEPT 2021)

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Hi, I’m Carl, a retired Police Detective and thanks for thinking of me to deliver my speech at your next event, away day or conference. And thanks for stopping by to learn a bit about how I do things. I am a little different to the rest.

I am not a mental health ‘professional’. You may know that I suffer from PTSD. I am a real person who has felt the impacts of mental health issues because of my job.

I was forced to take medical retirement, which meant I lost my career, my job and my self worth. Now as Professional Speaker, I help others by getting them to realise it is not difficult o engage with people that need some help.

What is your history?
2000 – I joined the police force to make a difference.

2011 – I was shot at 6 times whilst dealing with a Domestic dispute

2012 – Attended Number 10 for a National Bravery award

2014 – (Unknown) First stages of PTSD set in

2015 – Wrote the Caveman Principles, a book dealing with everyday stress

2017 – Diagnosed as a PTSD sufferer

2019 – Medically retired from the Police force

2020 – Developed and started training the S.L.A.P. Technique

Why did you call it S.L.A.P?

It fits not on a need, but my personality as well, plus it makes people ask.

This is such a massive part of my speaking and training, I have had to create it’s very own website.

What does S.L.A.P. do?

In todays very busy world, we can forget that our colleagues, employees, family, friends and neighbours are only human.

And as we are so busy, we have probably not been able to connect with them in quite some time. When we find out that they may be struggling, either with personal issues, mental health, stress or anything else that can be considered a bit ‘Icky’ we shy away from asking and instead, we feel awkward and want to distance ourselves.

We are not mental health professionals, we do not know how to manage these conversations and we worry about making things worse, or becoming embroilled with something that frightens us.

S.L.A.P. has been designed to show that any interaction, no matter how deep, is a positive force which creates simple, easy support structures.


We are very proud of our impact.

Ebony Murray

Lecturer in Psychological Sciences & Academic Course Leader of Psychology (BSc) at University of Gloucestershire

We held our Psychology in the Community event last week, in collaboration with the University of Gloucestershire (where I am a Lecturer in Psychological Sciences) and the British Psychological Society (of which I am a West Midlands Branch committee member). Psychology in the Community is a free-to-attend, public event. Carl gave a powerful and engaging talk about trauma and PTSD, reflecting on his personal experiences and keeping us hooked to the end! His use of props helped us visualise his core message, as did the very catchy SLAP acronym. We thank Carl for taking the time to support our event and sharing his story.

Emma Greenslade

Wildly Successful Mama

Carl gave a great talk to our club, his clever use of props showed how one never fully recovers from PTSD but how to live with it so one doesn’t get over-burdened with negative emotions. He has an amazing story to tell which keeps the listener gripped right until the end.

John McGhee

Retired business technology manager

Carl is a very versatile and enthusiastic speaker who makes an instant impact. He knows how to captivate an audience and when the topic is sensitive he can quickly lighten the mood with amusing appropriate comments… His speeches and talks are often inspiring and always thought provoking, making audiences feel that they have benefitted from the experience. I recommend Carl with great enthusiasm.

Dawn Evans


Ajuda Academy

Carl’s knowledge and passion around the subject of PTSD is second to none, and his expert manner of presenting his SLAP talk left our audience feeling awe-inspired, emotional and motivated to make a change in their community around the attitudes towards PTSD sufferers.  We received fantastic feedback from our audience regarding Carl’s talk and can’t wait to work with him again soon. If you are looking for an expert on PTSD and personal mental health experience, the whole team at Ajuda Events would highly recommend Carl.

Brian Murphy

Volunteer Co-ordinator at Police Care UK

Carl gave an online presentation using a bowl and ping-pong balls to visualise trauma. Very impactive and got the message across well. Definitely worth listening to his story.

David Dewalt

Planning Manager at Swindon Borough Council

I have had the pleasure to witness several speeches from Carl. Carl’s public speaking skills are exceptional. His speeches are engaging, entertaining and persuasive. I would commend Carl as a highly accomplished public speaker



Having attended the conference yesterday I just wanted to say thank you for asking Carl to talk to the group. When we are promoted into management roles there is no training given on how to deal with supporting staff and colleagues that go through crisis at work other than the usually signposting of services.

3 years ago I had to deal with a member of staff that experienced a breakdown at work.  I took them out of the building, sat with them over a coffee, listed and formulated a plan of support and action with them. I had no idea if I was doing the right thing but I knew that I could not leave them or send them home in distress.

Not all colleagues would feel comfortable or confident dealing with situations like this, I certainly was not. Knowledge of the SLAP someone technique would have really helped me, and I feel it would be beneficial to raise wider awareness of it.

Yola O’Hara

Visually Explained

In October 2020, I watched him deliver a key note speech about recognising and understanding PTSD signs at work. Whoever listened to this speech will be able to confirm that it was breath-taking….Carl also cleverly incorporated visual element to his speech, allowing the audience to fully ‘get it’. The final message was also very clearly stated: ‘do not shake overloaded psyche’. Recommending Carl for future key note speeches goes without saying. PS. I saw Carl speak both in real and virtual environment.

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