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Expert Mental Health Speaker – SLAP Technique

I suffer from PTSD. I was forced to take medical retirement, which meant I lost my career, my job and my self worth. As a retired Police Detective, I still want to help others. I now deliver my PTSD Keynote speeches, to help explain what people go through.

Since 2014, I had found that mental health and especially Traumatic based illnesses are not openly discussed. Probably because it is still a very sensitive subject. There are very few Keynote speakers who cover this subject.

In 2015 I wrote my first book, called the Caveman Principles. It is a light hearted book, looking at what causes daily stress. The support and feedback that I received prompted me to start speaking about the more delicate parts on the subject of stress. My talks changed over time as it was clear that people really needed was a Trauma based illness talk.

Diagnosed as a PTSD sufferer, I have a very unique perspective. Very different views from those that take a more professional, clear cut look at the subject. Over the last year I have been hard at work, developing and practicing my new Keynote speech.

Now it has the Impact that I wanted it to have.

Most people ask what my talk is about, the short answer;

Explaining the impact of traumas on the psyche, using an interactive and engaging display that relates to everyday living. As well as helping people understand how trauma is created, I deliver my ‘SLAP‘ technique. A fun, memorable with great take-aways for the entire audience. SLAP allows people to take away helpful and simple advice, so that they can understand and support others.

Mental health is on the rise. The impact on business and individuals alike is vastly underestimated. Most do not know where to start.

What they need is someone who has had to find the fight and wade his way through the quagmire, and can now show there is a path out of the swamp.

What I have discovered is that everyone needs a good S.L.A.P.

Carl Jones, Expert Mental Heath Speaker – 1554.

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Carl gave a great talk to our club, his clever use of props showed how one never fully recovers from PTSD but how to live with it so one doesn’t get over-burdened with negative emotions. He has an amazing story to tell which keeps the listener gripped right until the end.

Emma Greenslade

Carl gave an online presentation using a bowl and ping-pong balls to visualise trauma. Very impactive and got the message across well. Definitely worth listening to his story.

Brian Murphy

Volunteer Co-ordinator at Police Care UK

I have had the pleasure to witness several speeches from Carl. Carl’s public speaking skills are exceptional. His speeches are engaging, entertaining and persuasive. I would commend Carl as a highly accomplished public speaker

David Dewart

Planning Manager at Swindon Borough Council

Carl is a very versatile and enthusiastic speaker who makes an instant impact. He knows how to captivate an audience and when the topic is sensitive he can quickly lighten the mood with amusing appropriate comments… His speeches and talks are often inspiring and always thought provoking, making audiences feel that they have benefitted from the experience. I recommend Carl with great enthusiasm.

John McGhee

Retired business technology manager

In October 2020, I watched him deliver a key note speech about recognising and understanding PTSD signs at work. Whoever listened to this speech will be able to confirm that it was breath-taking….Carl also cleverly incorporated visual element to his speech, allowing the audience to fully ‘get it’. The final message was also very clearly stated: ‘do not shake overloaded psyche’. Recommending Carl for future key note speeches goes without saying. PS. I saw Carl speak both in real and virtual environment.

Yola O’Hara
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